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The kit includes: Instructions for use, gloves, lubricant, specula, cotton-tipped applicators, a small bottle of 4% acetic acid and medical freeze for cryotherapy and the Gynocular ( a hand-held colposcope)


We have partnered with Project C.U.R.E. whose mission is to distribute used and new medical equipment and C.U.R.E. kits to areas of need.  The price to screen and treat a woman is $5.00 USD. This is a tremendous value for the money granted or donated. No other cancer screening and treatment, can be accomplished for this value.


Cure Cervical Cancer Inc. seeks to increase the screening, detection and treatment of cervical cancer with a Cervical Cancer Cure Kit at the point of care (P.O.C.)  Dr. Bouquet is a family practice doctor who invented, patented and FDA-cleared a novel, innovative, 5-petaled, disposable vaginal speculum that expands in a radial direction (the Bouquet SpeculumTM). The advantage of this unique speculum is ease of use for all providers, better visualization of the cervix with better detection of precancerous and cancerous lesions of the cervix and greater comfort for the woman.

With the advent of the Bouquet SpeculumTM, inexpensive, accurate, more comfortable and more efficient screening and treatment can be accomplished using VIA at the point of care. Any person interested in screening can be trained in 5-10 minutes because of the ease of use of this improved vaginal speculum. Instructions are included in the kit. There are patents in the U.S. and Canada for this novel 5-petaled speculum. The Bouquet SpeculumTM and the Cervical Cancer Cure Kits are commercially available today and ready for use. The speculum has gone through biocompatibility tests and was FDA-cleared by way of a 510K exemption in August 2015.

Field-tested novel speculum that allows lower-level medical personnel to screen and treat. This eliminates the shortage of higher-skilled personnel to perform these tests.

    Mission trips by Project C.U.R.E. and Dr. Jill Pitcher to Paraguay,   Panama and Peru. (over 200 women screened thus far)

Point of Care (POC) screening and treatment. The results of the screening are immediately available and treatment can be administered.

Portability of the Cure Cervical Cancer Kits. A kit to screen 10 women can be fit into a backpack or larger kits can be prepared and boxed.

Deliverables: Project C.U.R.E. has the infrastructure in place to deliver these kits to areas of need.

Documentation and metrics: RVUCOM has the ability to track data to measure the impact (direct and indirect) on the goal to eliminate cervical cancer.

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